If you’re a seasoned veteran of online bingo websites, or even a newbie then keeping an eye out for the next big new bingo site can be very beneficial to you. This lets you keep things fresh and exciting as ever, jumping to a new site means an abundance of new features to test out. Find exciting new themes, promotional offers, bingo rooms, tournaments and even bigger jackpot games. There’s an abundance of fantastic benefits for you to gain from playing new bingo websites. Here at BingoMummy we’re making it that much more easier for you to find these 2019 bingo sites. As we provide you with a list of our best new bingo sites in the form of different reviews. Allowing you to handpick the perfect casino for you based on what your wants and needs are from a new site.

Why Play at New Online Bingo Websites?

There’s so many amazing features and benefits you can get from playing with new bingo brands. So, we’ll just open your eyes with a few of our favourite reasons to make the move to a new bingo operator. First things first, as we all know when a new business/website is first set up it needs to acquire customers or a in the case of online bingo, a loyal player base. Something that is critical for the success of some of the newest bingo sites. For them to gain and maintain their customers it means they need to be offering more than their competitor bingo sites. This meaning, generally you will find their welcome bonuses for UK bingo are much bigger and more rewarding than another site. Often with very small wagering requirements too, this allows them to attract new players to come enjoy their best new bingo games.

Again in order for a new start up bingo website online to really gain attention from new potential customers it has to have something unique about it. A particular aspect that allows it to stand out from the crowd and be memorable. Whether this be exclusive online bingo games only found at their website, or a unique and original theme that runs through-out the site with detailed imagery to display it. This can help to keep playing bingo fresh and as fun as ever. Potentially fully revitalising bingo online for you if you’ve began to get a bit bored. After all, each game of bingo always follows the same general rules, so it’s important to use different themed games and bingo brands to keep it entertaining.

Moreover, visiting new UK bingo sites as we already mentioned can give you access to new bingo rooms. This can be an exciting time for you as you get to explore a new bingo room you’ve never been to before. Everyone loves adventuring so why not do the same with new bingo sites. Some new sites even have free bingo rooms, so if you’re all out of cash you can still have a whole load of fun. Additionally, many of these new uk bingo brands will be offering even bigger jackpots than rival operators. This again comes back to the idea of them trying to impress potential new customers. So, get in on some of this action and grab your hands on one of those big jackpots.

Furthermore, if we look a bit further into the future we can already see some of the new technologies being developed. Technology that could truly reinvent the way new online bingo is played online for players across the World. For example, we can look at recent developments in the programming of Virtual Reality softwares and machines. They’ve came on at a rapid place, with many video console games on the Xbox and PS4 using them. So, this has presented a huge opportunity for the latest bingo website brands. Many iGaming developers such as NetEnt have already declared they’ll be working to bring out Virtual Reality games in 2019.

Virtual Reality Bingo games would be especially good for the bingo industry as they would be able to recreate the sociability factors associated with playing in bingo halls. For example, the VR software would be able to recreate an artificial bingo hall for you to be sat in. With other players that you would be able to interact with, even interacting with the bingo card to mark the numbers off. It could provide a totally realistic environment and all from the comfort of your own home. There’s a lot more potential for bingo in the future thanks to all these new inventions and we bet that the new bingo sites will all be the ones to bring these to us. As they try to push their sites to become successful with unique and innovative gaming.

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Finding the Latest Bingo UK Sites

Keeping up to date with all these different new bingo releases is not as easy as it looks. In a market that is becoming oversaturated with hundreds of new releases every month it can be difficult to find new UK bingo sites that are right for you. But, again this is somewhere that we can come in to help you with. By reviewing the best new bingo sites in 2019 we can help you quickly find an operator perfect for what you want, need and deserve. For a brand to get featured here at BingoMummy with its own dedicated new bingo review it needs to be a high performer in a range of different categories, some of these include:

  • Games Collection – Firstly they need to have a wide and varied collection of uk bingo games as well as casino or slots. They need to primarily have a strong new bingo games portfolio. A solid choice of games in different styles (75-ball, 90-ball, free bingo) and various unique themes. Themes that will be popular with the players, for example the Deal or No Deal bingo game is usually a big hit. But, it’s not all about bingo, we’ll take a look at their alternative games. This includes casino games such as Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and online slots. From potentially top iGaming developers such as NetEnt, Eyecon, Microgaming and many more.
  • Mobile Bingo Experience – Technology seems to be propelling itself forward at a rapid pace. With the smartphone being at the forefront constantly. I mean really how much time do we all spend on our mobile phones now. But, who’s really surprised, they’re just so good and so convenient. Again, unsurprisingly, the demand is now for everything to be available on a mobile platform. Around 75% of a casinos total revenues online come from mobile bingo users. A huge proportion making it virtually impossible to survive without having a mobile platform. Most of the most successful operators will have their own iOS and/or Google Play Apps. Meaning that with the touch of a finger players can get access to their new mobile bingo games. On the go, on your way to work, to an appointment or simply slouching out on the couch, you can play anywhere at any time with mobile.
  • New Bingo Bonuses – During our new bingo reviews of different sites this will be an important factor that we look at. In fact, its one of the most important factors we assess. As this is usually one of the main reasons why a new player will decide to sign up to a specific site. A generous and rewarding welcome package with low wagering requirements is a great enticer for just about anyone right? Well we’ll give our review on just how good their promotions are. As well as covering bingo bonuses for regular customers in addition to new customers. So, you can see how you would potentially be rewarded for your loyalty in the future.

These are just a few of the different criteria’s we look into when doing our research on top new bingo online sites. We also look at, the general info about the brand, security, payments, support and a lot more. But, now you know the basics about each new online bingo review it should hopefully give you a much wider understanding. Making it easier for you to find and select the best possible new bingo operator for you.

How Can I Trust the Newest Bingo Sites?

Whenever you look at any new bingo website from any industry not just the gambling you often question if it is safe to use. Well, you’re not wrong to do this as there is an abundance of un-trustworthy sites out there, for all industries not just new uk bingo online. The trouble is finding the ones that are both safe and secure to use. That’s an issue where BingoMummy is happy to lend a helping hand. The great thing about all our new bingo site reviews here at our site is they’re all trusted. We wouldn’t want to run the risk of having you click through to an unsafe online UK Bingo brand. So, we simply don’t even promote any unsecure site here, just look through our long list of reviewed bingo site brands and pick a few out they’re all safe to use.

However, in case you’re wondering what the different aspects are that we look for when analysing the safety of players at a site then we can help you there too. Many of the top rated bingo site have things such as safety have incorporated SSL Data Encryption. This is a form of software that receives all your sensitive data (Financial & Personal) then stores it safely in an encrypted format. This meaning if it was to ever be compromised it would be in an unreadable format. So, that it couldn’t be used by anymore to take money from your personal account. Additionally, with the hundreds of advanced firewalls it creates an impenetrable wall of defence for many servers anyway. So, they’d be highly unlikely to become compromised by hackers.

Moreover, you can look for the organisations that are currently regulating and licensing the chosen bingo site operator. Some of these include the likes of:

  • Malta Gambling Commission
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • Gibraltar Gaming Authority

There’s a few more important licensees but these are among the most prestigious for a bingo site to acquire. So, if you find a brand regulated by these Commissions then you can be assured that they’re sticking to following some of the worlds strictest regulations on player welfare. As each of these organisations are set up specifically to ensure the well being of gambling players across the world at these chosen online bingo websites.

What about the Support at Modern Bingo Operators?

For any good UK bingo online operator customer services is a vital part of their operations. Just like any other business support to their customers is essential in maintaining happy and loyal customers. It’s a mutually beneficial system to have in place which is why you can expect a good service from even the newest online bingo brands.

If you pick from our list of best new bingo sites, then you can expect 5 star bingo site service. Many of them will have 24 hour support systems available to get constant assistance. Additionally, you can normally contact them by a range of different communication channels. These include the likes of:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media (Twitter/Facebook, etc.)

So you really don’t have to compromise good customer service just to play a new bingo site in the uk. You can get all the assistance you would ever need from some of the best new bingo site operators. In each of our bingo reviews online we have information about the chosen brands customer service and player support. So, reading up on this can help you to find more information on the subject.

Responsible Gambling in 2019 & beyond

As a company wide aim we encourage our players to visit the latest online bingo operators for the purpose of having an exciting and enjoyable experience. However, we recognise there is always the possibility a player may become too engulfed within the fun of playing 2019 bingo games. Creating a serious risk of addiction with worrying consequence. In essence we would like to stress the importance of having a responsible mindset when it comes to gambling with any bingo site not just new ones. We don’t want to sound like a naggy parent so let’s just get right into a few of our suggestions to ensure responsible gameplay:

  • Don’t play under the influence of drugs/alcohol – You might be thinking this is an obvious one, and it is. But, you’d be surprised at the amount of people who do this while playing on the newest bingo games and rather unsurprisingly wake up full of regrets. As it can make you feel over confident and potentially lead to you overspending on bingo tickets. Leaving you worse off, many people have put themselves into serious debt from this. It’s simply not worth the hassle so we’d advise you stay well clear. Anyway, sitting locked up in a stuffy room playing games when you could be in a bar with your friends seems a much better way to enjoy things such as alcohol.
  • Take regular breaks – These should be both long and short breaks from all forms of gambling not just top bingo. These are important as they will help you to return refreshed and give your brain some time away from gaming. As you would with any hobby its important to do it sparingly so that you don’t become consumed by it. During breaks from new online uk bingo use them to do fun things such as meeting with friends and being sociable. You could take up another hobby such as cycling or playing for your local football team.
  • Don’t chase losses – Another obvious but important tip from us here at BingoMummy. However, it is understandable why some people are tempted into doing this. As the frustration begins to build at not getting a win in a while. There’s also the thought that you can’t lose forever and that the next one will definitely be a big win. Well, this is a completely irrational and incorrect though process to have while playing bingo online in uk. Each game has the same chance to win and lose each time, so you could continue losing forever. This is certainly not an idea you should follow. We’d advise simply taking a break during losses to calm your head and reset ready to play more new bingo games in a calm and controlled manner. Even if you just take a 30 minute break this would help massively.

Now we’d like to quickly cover some of the associations and symptoms to help you know if you could be experiencing the beginning of an addiction to playing the latest bingo brands. This will hopefully let you recognise it and put a stop to it by using the tips we previously noted as a starting point. These include a lack of a social life, as you invest most of your time into playing video games such as bingo, slots and more. Additionally, you may be experiencing financial instability, due to much of your money being spent at the new top bingo operators. All fun and games until you check your bank account. Next, you may also be suffering in terms of your mental health. Due to the increase stress from losing money playing 2019 bingo and being isolated alone due to a lacking social life this will obviously increase the likelihood of depression.

If you do believe you could be or are experiencing these tell-tale signs of bingo addiction, then luckily there are plenty of places to go to seek help. Some of these include the likes of the NHS, Gambleaware, Gamcare, Gamblers Anonymous and many more. At these organisations you can also find a more in depth description of the different symptoms. But, don’t let any of this distract you from the fact most gamers can easily maintain their love of bingo in 2019 as a healthy past time and hobby.

Latest Bingo FAQs

Here’s a few of the top queries we have from players here at our site. These frequently asked questions may well be something similar to what you could be a little confused about. So, hopefully if you give these a little read it may help you understand the world of 2019 bingo sites.

Can I get good Bingo Bonuses at New Sites?

Yes, of course you can, in fact they’re not just good, they’re some of the best. New bingo online sites will be offering a range of promotions for bingo. In many cases being much better than some of the most popular sites. As there’s much more pressure on them to attract and maintain a loyal player base. You’ll find they have very competitive and generously sized bonuses. Not to forget they have far fewer terms and conditions. Meaning you actually get closer to what they’re advertising, with low wagering requirements and reasonable maximum conversions. So, find one of the latest bingo websites, sign up and make that first deposit today for some epic bonuses.

Do I Need to Download Any Bingo Software?

This is all based on your personal preferences as to whether you prefer to play on a client or in browser. This is generally the case anyway, although some sites will only offer client or browser meaning if its only a client offered you would need to download it. However, the clear majority of new online bingo sites currently have a range of in-browser games to play. So, you won’t be obligated to make downloads in order to play. Although, many do still keep the option available to those who prefer to play in a client. Maybe try both and see what works for you best.

How Often Do Bingo Sites Get Released?

You can never be sure how many new sites will launch in a certain amount of time, not to an accurate amount anyway. But, one things for sure the online bingo market is rapidly growing. With multiple new sites per month being added to the industry. It’s highly unlikely you’d ever run out of fantastic newly release bingo sites to play. So, get looking through some of our newest bingo reviews today and find your next site to go take for a spin. You never know it might just be your favourite one to date.