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In recent years Bingo has seen a huge revitalisation, mainly in the way it has been market. Shifting from a game once played in old and stuffy halls crammed with old women to now being played on top websites across the world, attracting a much younger audience by giving their games a new life. With hundreds of bingo game variations already out there, with popular themes such as deal or no deal and many more its no wonder why bingo is taking of and becoming hugely popular. With many of these being accessible across a range of different great bingo websites you’ll be able to find top games and play them to your hearts content. But, to give you a helping hand we here at BingoMummy have provided you with a huge list of top bingo sites reviewed. So, sit back and get reading them all right here today!

Finding a Top Bingo Website

Our main job here at Bingo Mummy is to make sure we find you a site worth playing. We take that very seriously when formulating each and everyone of our online bingo reviews. To ensure we get each review perfect we research across a broad spectrum of different criteria’s that we know is important to our readers. Meaning that we help you find the best overall gaming experience for you, so you’ll have a lot less time spent trawling through sites to find the best ones. Here’s some of the main features we look out for in any great bingo site:

  • First Impressions – As we know these always matter and even though you’re not supposed to, just about everyone judges a book by its cover. Well, in our opening paragraph we’ll let you know how the chosen bingo site review went down with us when first opening it up. Giving an evaluation of its different visual aspects, from banners to background images, colour schemes and the site layout/design features. Additionally, in this section we’ll throw in some general facts about the brand to get a better feel for it. Things such as date of establishment, ownership, which licenses they have acquired. In addition to how easier their site is to use, looking at things such as the registration processes.
  • Security & Banking – One thing about all the bingo sites reviewed here at BingoMummy is that they’re all safe and secure to use. So, its more about the kind of methodology and softwares they use, for example, you’ll find many using the latest SSL Data Encryption softwares. As this is a secure form of encrypting data to make it unreadable to anyone trying to steal it. We’ll also ensure you know all their different accepted payment methods, making your first deposit as easier as ever.
  • iGaming Software – During this section we will assess the various different games available to play at the site. Focusing primarily on their collection of bingo games, the variety of unique titles available across both 75 and 90 ball bingo. We’ll give you our verdict on their games and individual bingo jackpots. But, that’s not all we’ll look at as many sites have plenty of alternative offerings too. So, its important we don’t miss these out as many of you like to mix it up with some casino games. We’ll look at all the other offerings, wether that be Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Scratchcards or any other form of gambling game. Giving our verdict on how good their alternative games selection is. For example, are they working with top developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Eyecon and others.
  • Popular Bingo Bonuses – For this next section we take a closer look into their available promotions. This can be a tricky topic for many bingo players, particularly those who are new to the gambling industry. As an extremely generous looking reward can actually be complete rubbish when you get into the nitty gritty of their terms and conditions. That’s why we do the hard work for you, carefully analysing each bonus. Assessing things such as their wagering requirements, maximum bonus conversions and much more.
  • Online Mobile Bingo – Living in the modern world we do currently, the demand for everything to be accessible via mobile is ever-growing. This is something that we can apply to every sector of online gambling, especially for playing bingo. Being able to have all of your favourite games at the touch of your finger, literally being able to carry a portable casino with you anywhere is a brilliant thing to have. So, ensuring each site is fully optimised for mobile bingo players is essential to make our list of best online bingo websites. Many of the best sites may even have their own mobile Apps in the Google Store and/or Apple Store.
  • Our Final Verdict – In the concluding section of our bingo reviews, we’ll wrap it up by giving our final thoughts and list briefly all the good and bad points we found to the site. Recommending any changes that we would make, if there are any. We like to get to the point straight away with this final paragraph, so that if you think our chosen bingo review lives up to what you’re looking for, then you can head straight over to the site and make your first deposit.

Now that you have a better understanding of what it takes to be in the list of our best online bingo website reviews we hope this will help you when it comes to handpicking a site to play yourself. Enabling you with all the information and resources to select an online casino that you know is going to be perfect for what you want and deserve.

The history of Online Bingo

Its difficult for us to pin point a time when Bingo suddenly just appeared, as gambling games have existed as a past time for many thousands of years now. Although we can be certain it was being played around the world in the 1800s in a recognisable form that we could find today too. For example, in 1814 the British Navy where believed to have been taught how to play by the people of Malta. This is fitting as Malta is now one of the hotspots for online bingo operators to station their headquarters. By the end of the 1800s it was also being played by the Army, although they then called it “housey-housey” whereas the Navy would call it “Tombola”. The game continued to grow in popularity even through both World Wars.

In 1929, at a fair in Georgia, the game was being played and when the winning lady won she accidently shouted “Bingo!” instead of the known name “Bingo!”. This was the beginning of the game Bingo as we know it today. A man named Edwin S. Lowe used this term to commercially sell the game in form of tickets. Over the years to come the game was left pretty much unchanged. However, as time went on it struggled to capture the attention of the upcoming younger generation. Meaning it lead to become more of a social gathering for the older generation (60+) in Bingo halls across Europe and the US. Gaining the stigma that the game was now only played by older women really had a negative impact on the marketing aspects of the game. Making it difficult to attract new players.

However, within the last 20 years this has seen another huge shift. With the invention of online bingo, allowing iGaming developers to revolutionise the whole game. With bright, vibrant and modern themes this made the game open to a much wider spectrum of players. With hundreds of different themes you can find on bingo games many coming from already popular topics, The Britain’s got Talent Bingo game being a perfect example of this. As it is a TV loved by the younger audience so many of them have decided to play the game because of this. Bingo has never been more popular, with mobile bingo being another huge contributor to this. As people can play the best bingo games in the industry with just one touch using their mobile device from anywhere in the world. The creation of online bingo has certainly helped to revive the game in recent years, although bingo halls still remain a popular option thanks to their sociability factor.

In the future however, we’re likely to see the online world try to take over by offering up a more sociable style of gameplay. We know they’ve already just recently added chat boxes, but there’s current developments that could greatly out-do this feature. These developments include technologies such as Virtual Reality. This presents a possibility to combine playing bingo online in the comfort of your home with the sociability factor of actually being in a hall with other players. As the VR machine would project you into an artificial bingo hall, where you could play and interact with other players from the comfort of your sofa. The possibilities for VR in gambling are endless, for other alternatives such as Poker, Blackjack and Slots they are extremely promising, and we believe bingo and the wider gambling industry will soon see a lot more of Virtual Reality technologies.

How to Win on the Best Bingo Games

The basic rules of the game are universal wherever you play, although in the UK they generally play using a 27 square card. With 9 columns and 3 rows, there is up to 90 balls that can be drawn at the start of the game. So, you will need to write numbers from 1-90 down on your bingo card at the beginning of the game. As balls are drawn they will each have a corresponding number. If you have the correct number you can mark them off. You will need to form a winning combination in order to be rewarded. The winning combinations when playing bingo games online are:

  • Full House: All your numbers marked off.
  • Two Lines: Cover all the numbers on two of the three rows.
  • One Line: Cover all number on one of three rows.

Usually, winning in a hall full of players you would have to shout ‘Bingo!’ to get your pay out. With online you will of course automatically receive an alert to say you’ve won and get your pay out accordingly. If you’re wondering about the logistics behind your chances to get one of those pay outs we can help. The games all feature Random Number Generators (RNG) these are in place to ensure that the results are all randomised, the clue being in its name. All the brands you find around BingoMummys site are completely legitimate and we have ensured they are all licensed and regulated by top commissions around the world, ensuring full fair play at these sites.

Mobile Bingo – Play Anywhere & Everywhere in 2019

The smartphone industry continues to grow year on year, only being heightened by newer and better technological advancements. Just take a look at all the new features you can find on an iPhone. Well, this presents an abundance of opportunity to iGaming developers and the gambling industry, in particular the bingo sector. You’ll already be aware of how popular and important a smartphone is to someone’s everyday life. But, did you know the average Casino online has 75% of its total revenues being generated from mobile players. So, to put it in it’s simplest form, operators simply can’t afford to set up a site that isn’t optimised for mobile users as well as desktop, they simply won’t survive.

For many brands to make themselves really shine out, they’ve developed mobile Apps for the Apple and Google Play Stores, so you can play their games on both Android and iOS. Yet, previous to 2017 the Google Play Store actually held a ban on gambling related apps including mobile bingo applications in certain countries. Luckily, we finally saw that ban being lifted allowing many of our favourite operators to release their Apps.

You’ll find all of the best bingo games are now available for mobile at the top sites. With graphics that will blow your mind and a super high performance level. Just take a look at some of the slot games you can get on mobile now for an example at how well games are able to perform. We currently have the likes of Gonzo’s Quest, a visually stunning game making the most of high definition graphics to provide you with an aesthetically flawless game. This shows the huge technological advancements we’ve had in recent years, from a game like Fluffy Favourites which is 10 years old and still such a classic and popular game but has graphics on a much lower level than Gonzo’s Quest. Yet, they can still both be played on a mobile device.

It’s no secret that the main factor influencing the rapid rise and success of mobile bingo is its accessibility. The fact with just one touch of our fingers we can gain instant access to some of the worlds best mobile bingo sites. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to carry your very own portable casino right there with you. Meaning you can play on the go or at home, whether you be on the bus to work or waiting for an appointment. You can play bingo online anywhere at anytime of the day as long as you’ve got an internet connection. With the likes of 4G being so widespread now, you don’t even need to have secured a Wi-Fi connection. Simply turn on your mobile data and get gaming from your mobile.

Best Bingo Questions

Heres a few frequently asked questions by many of our readers who want to find and learn more about the top online bingo operators in the industry. So, if you’re a little confused and/or have some questions hopefully this will be a brilliant starting point.

Where can I play Top-Rated Bingo Games?

You’re in with a bit of luck if you’re looking for the best places to play a collection of great bingo site games. As we here at BingoMummy are dedicated to helping you find the perfect place for you to play bingo. In our list of top 10 online bingo sites, you’ll find they all feature the best games available to play at their websites. As to be ranked as one of our best sites you need to have a great collection of games both bingo and casino. Featuring big name games from top iGaming developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Eyecon and many more.

Can I play Bingo for Free?

Yes, there’s actually a few different routes you can take if you want to play some free bingo. The first would be to sign up to a site that has a free bingo room. Usually you will need to have some funds in your account to access these rooms. But, the funds won’t be deducted, and you can play for free. Some sites you will also find newbie rooms, this will allow you to play and practice for free usually within the first week of you signing up and its completely free. On the other hand, there’s also no deposit bingo bonuses, for this you usually just need to sign up with a valid credit/debit card. They won’t charge you anything and you will get a no deposit bonus to use on the sites games. However, these usually come with extremely high wagering requirements so don’t expect to be making loads of money from it.

Which Online Bingo Operators Can I Trust?

Giving out personal and financial information about yourself can be a nerve-racking experience. That goes for any kind of website, even those outside of the gambling industry. So, you always want to make sure that the brand you’re spending your hard earned cash with can be trusted. The first thing to look out for and a really important one is their licensing and regulation. You will find the main organisations that do this are the UK, Alderney, Malta, Gibraltar Gambling Commissions, there are a few others too. They all help to ensure certain standards are being met for players on their sites and ensure the chosen site is abiding to their strict regulations put in place.

All of the site you find advertised at our site are safe to use and have a range of advanced security features in place. So, we’d advise you find a website through using our best bingo reviews. As this way you’ll know whichever brand you may chose to use as your bingo provider they will be 100% safe. So, you’ll be able to make a deposit without fear and have many hours of fun at their site.

Responsible Gambling at 5 Star Bingo Sites

Since our main job here at Bingo Mummy is to review and recommend different gambling operators to our readers it can be a bit worrying for us to know that it is possible for people to become addicted. Whilst the clear majority of players around the world are able to enjoy gaming without becoming addicted, there are still a few who are susceptible to addiction.

As we know this can have severe and damaging impacts to a range of different areas in your life. For example, negative social impacts due to spending far too much time gaming. Meaning you miss out on social events with friends and family, it may even affect your work life. Also your financial stability, this could become at risk with too much gaming. As you might not stick to a budget, resulting in over spending. Then this could have damaging consequences on your mental health, as the stress from being in debt could cause or trigger a state of depression.

With all this in mind there is still many ways you can maintain a healthy gambling lifestyle. With a range of different things you can try. Some of these ideas include things such as setting a budget, this will enable you to set an affordable amount which you can afford to lose. So, that in the event you do spend your full budget it wont damage you too much. Do a weekly/daily budget so it is far easier to track. Also, you need to have the right attitude mentally when it comes to gambling. Play for the purpose of entertainment not financial gain is one of our best suggestions. This will limit the likelihood of addiction as you’re not obsessing over winning money. Anyway, you should expect to pay for gambling just like any other form of entertainment. A few more of our top tips include:

  • Don’t chase your losses.
  • Don’t gamble under the influence of drugs/alcohol.
  • Take regular breaks both long and short from gambling.